Wednesday Open Gym

Wednesday Open Gym

First open gym will be Wednesday, September 13th!!
No open gym - Closed for the following dates: 11/22, 12/27, 2/21, 4/18. Our last Open Gym will be 5/30/18

Runs from September through June--- This program is not offered during the summer months

  • Every Wednesday 10:00am-10:45am (See Gym Hutt Newsletters or for closing announcements)
  • Cost: $5.00 first child (walking age and older) Siblings: $3.00. Cash payment at the door or you can purchase a multi-visit card with a check, debit or credit card.
  • Gym Hutt registration form & waiver must be filled out and signed prior to participating the first time you come in (you can download these forms from our web site)
  • Parents are required to stay within arms length of their child during open gym
  • Nannies, Grandparents, and other family adults are welcome to accompany children to the open gym
  • No snacks or drinks are allowed into the gym---please keep them in the locker rooms
  • No shoes allowed in the gym – children should be barefoot, parents can wear socks
  • Adults are not allowed “to play” on the equipment

Gym Hutt’s Open Gym is a great time to meet other families in the area. Parents can socialize along with their children. Have a child with a lot of energy who needs to burn off some steam? Open Gym provides lots of opportunities for climbing, swinging, and jumping. We have a long trampoline that leads to a foam pit. We set up obstacle courses for the children to practice on as well. You can create a little structure for your child in preparation for our “big kid” classes.

Any questions about our open gym? Please call Angela at 508-823-2299 or send us an email at